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Engineers for a Sustainable World is a nonprofit network made up of people passionate about technical sustainability from all across the world. We believe that engineers, and anyone who loves to solve problems, are key to solving today's biggest sustainability challenges.

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Akron - Eco-Bricking

This is an ESW Chapter project at the University of Akron for the global project of eco-bricking....


Akron - Zips Metal Makers

This project team is going to upcycle metal in various ways to create something new out of it. Cu...


Pivoting blade Vertical Axis Turbine

This project will build a [Pivoting blade vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)](


Progress Report

8A866978-6B79-4F24-8685-8655DB7C17E1.jpeg Penn State- Vertical Hydroponic Farm Project Progress Report
The club met ev...


ESW-RPI Solar Bus Stop

The local project we are planning is installing a solar panel at one of our bus stops to provide ...


ESW-RPI Mexico

ESW-RPI has been working with the village of Ek’ Balam in Yucatan, Mexico in order to create a co...


Cornell Campus Energy Conservation

The Renewable Energy Solutions Campus Energy Conservation sub-team is working with the Cornell Ca...


Cornell Sustainable Living Outreach

The Renewable Energy Solutions Sustainable Living Outreach team has been focusing on outreach con...


Cornell Software Development

The Renewable Energy Solutions Software development sub-team is working on a full-stack developme...


Cornell Food Waste on Campus

The Renewable Energy Solutions Food Waste sub-team is working to visualize the extent of food was...


Cornell Water Quality Outreach

The Renewable Energy Solutions Water Quality Outreach sub-team is researching waste separation pr...


Cornell Hydroponics

The Renewable Energy Solutions Hydroponics project will be a multi-semester design and build proj...