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Brown University Solar Laptop Charger

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Our proposed project is a solar laptop charging station that would also serve as a piece of outdoor seating for students on Brown’s campus to stop and charge devices. We are designing to solve the research challenge of powering 4 laptops for 6 hours per day. Our software team has been working on connecting it to a website that will track power usage. This project will build skills and experience for club members as well as sustainability awareness in the greater Brown and Providence community.


design.pdf (161 KB) design.pdf Adeline Mathier, 03/21/2022 03:35 PM
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Actions #1

Updated by Adeline Mathier about 2 years ago

We are on track with the planning stages and are planning to proceed with building the structure provided the university gives us approval. We have met with ESW to do a full design review and have been working on implementing the suggestions into our design. We are mostly on track from our side but have been having some difficulty getting approval from the University, which has slowed down our overall progress.

Actions #2

Updated by Adeline Mathier about 1 year ago

This past semester we made significant progress with the laptop charging station. The struts, table, and supporting elements are built. The solar panel has been picked up and the electrical team is heavily at work to finish the first prototype of the electrical unit for the element. We continue to struggle with getting in touch with the administration - especially from the campus design team. We are on track to complete more elements of the project by the end of the semester.

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