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Univeristy of Guelph Pop Tab Project

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The UofG Pop Tab Project will be relaunched January 2023. There will be multiple pop tab collection sites in various areas on the UofG campus so that students can give in their pop tabs to raise money for wheelchairs. One site for collection will be in the student residences on campus in the lobby of each campus. These collectors will be mason jars and they will be collected often by UofG ESW members. Another site for collection will be in the University Centre in the middle of the UofG campus. This collection site will be a rain barrel that is designed to look like a pop can. We hope that this will attract students to our project and they will be more intrigued to donate their tabs. Another method of collection that will be created is through creating mini games that utilize pop tabs as a ticket. For example, there will be a plinko game placed on campus and students will put their pop tabs in and it will mimic a plinko game. This will also attract students to take part in the project and donate their tabs. This project is still underway and the multiple collection methods will be released at different times throughout the semester (January 2023-April 2023) to keep students engaged, and also because different collection methods take different amounts of time to create.

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