UCSD Bottles to Models (B2M) was created with the vision to create a fully functional and self-sustaining process of transforming used plastic bottles to usable filament for 3D printers. Although our goals have changed over the years due to several factors, we have accomplished several objectives:

  • Create a multi-step process that recycles PLA plastic to a finished 3D print
  • Research many different types of plastics that are suitable for printing, and their properties and interactions
  • Research the processes and machinations, such as the details of extruding; shredding; and printing
  • Create a living system guide that others in the future may use for future reference

As of right now, we have been working on using the HDPE plastic as it is a widely used packaging plastic. Due to COVID-19, our progress on it has been cut short temporarily. However, hopefully in the near future, we may resume and finish our chapter on HDPE and continue to research about other types of plastic.



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