The Negative Emissions Technology Project is a team of undergraduate students who are interested in learning about and applying carbon removal methods to help reverse climate change. We currently have two ongoing projects.

  1. Our first project involves integrating a scaled down Direct Air Capture unit (using Metal Organic Frameworks) with an HVAC unit to capture CO2 from a concentrated source. We hope to convert this CO2 to electricity and fuel that can power the building using photovoltaics . We are still in the initial stages of this project and are currently assessing the feasibility of this idea in terms of energy and cost.
  2. Our second project is a collaboration with the Energy Futures Institute where we will be helping them build and improve a model to build out region specific profiles for carbon removal pathways. We have agreed to work with them through early September and will re-evaluate at that time. We will continue recruiting members through the fall of 2021 and hope to expand our project portfolio as well!



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